Yvonne carlo dating

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Yvonne carlo dating

In Sea Devils (1953) De Carlo was a British spy during the Napoleonic wars.

That same year she spied for the French in Fort Algiers, singing "I'll Follow You", for which she wrote the lyrics.

As the 137-year-old Lily Munster, she slept in a coffin with, appropriately, a lily clutched to her chest.

Her beloved husband Herman (Fred Gwynne), a bashful clone of Frankenstein's monster, was Lily's idea of male beauty; after meeting a handsome male in one of the 70 episodes, she commented, "He looks like Cary Grant - poor man!

She sang again as a sultry Caribbean café performer in Flame of the Islands (1956), and romanced Richard Wagner (Alan Badel) in the dismal Magic Fire (1956).

In 1957 the veteran Raoul Walsh, who had directed Sea Devils, gave De Carlo her meatiest screen role.

In 1945 De Carlo inherited the Montez mantle, beginning with Salome - Where She Danced (1945).

Harold Arlen and Leo Robin wrote the Oscar-nominated "For Every Man There's a Woman" and other fine songs for Casbah (1948), a musical remake of Algiers, but De Carlo just had to look sensuous while Tony Martin, as Pepe Le Moko, sang them all.

(1963), and in A Global Affair (1964) acted opposite the 61- year-old Bob Hope, severely miscast as the footloose young UN diplomat pursued by a bevy of beautiful women of various nationalities.

From 1964 to 1966 De Carlo lived in a dark, cobwebby mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Road to Morocco and a host of forgotten Paramount quickies.

Throughout the Second World War, the Queen of Universal Pictures was Maria Montez, whose ludicrous pieces of Technicolored high camp earned the studio a fortune.

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In Hollywood biopics, her beauty inspired both Rimsky-Korsakov and Wagner.

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