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Roth flees to the rooftop and escapes via helicopter but Mac shoots the deeds out of his hand, sending the deeds flying to the winds.Han arrives and confronts Mac about his brother; Mac reveals to Han that it was Ch’u Sing’s lieutenant Kai who killed Po, and is about to fire at Han as well when Trish arrives and kills Mac first.

As Han comforts Trish, he learns that Po had put together a list of businesses that were either destroyed or being threatened with destruction for failing to sell their properties, and that Po was trying to contact Colin to warn him about this.He also learns that his brother called O’Day’s daughter Trish’s (Aaliyah) record store the day before he was killed.After a chance encounter with her, he follows her and learns that Po may have actually been calling Trish’s brother, Colin (DB Woodside).After starting a fight in the mess hall, Han is dragged to an isolation cell for punishment.He overpowers the guards and escapes, disguised in one of their uniforms.

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Han escapes by overpowering his guards, led by Maurice (Anthony Anderson).

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