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So in a very short period of time the magazine piles in my house were standing tall and the magazine racks at stores all over the city were becoming second and third homes as I searched for the next issue(s) of my favorites Eventually, I started to fine tune what I was really interested in and began to filter out the periodicals that didn’t fit my needs.

First it was passing on home repair and DIY magazines, then it was passing on those I felt were sometimes too small or niche and sometimes even too craft=project oriented.

Again, nothing to do with their content, and everything to do with my own tastes and interests. If anything, we’re living in a time period where there is a glut of woodworking knowledge being shared.

So much in fact it’s fair to say it’s hard to keep up with who’s who and who’s teaching what?

If some of the comments left on my own videos are of any indication there are plenty of woodworkers who dislike content that takes into consideration So in conclusion, once in a while I take a little time to revisit the magazine racks and flip through the pages of some old friends I use to invite home.

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