Women and dating games international dating line

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Women and dating games

You might have heard of or watched the reality television show called “The Bachelor.” The basic premise is that 25 beautiful woman vie for the attention of one man, , in the hopes of finding a husband.

During the course of the show, “The Bachelor” dates the women to find out who he likes until he’s left with two women, one of whom he supposedly proposes marriage to or at least suggests that they enter into a monogamous relationship after the show ends.

They make ACT as though they are the hottest girl in the world, but they do not believe that.

Most women you meet are insecure about their looks.

When a woman notices that all the other women in the group are interested in you as well, she will become desperate to win your attention.

Remember: 96% of women don’t think they are beautiful.What makes the show so interesting is how these beautiful women (who would normally play hard to get in a one on one situation) behave as they try to win “The Bachelor’s” heart.It’s a fact of nature (even if women deny it to your face) that women are more attracted to men who other liked and wanted by other women.What works is making her feel sexually attracted to you by being confident and masculine around her.Many women use the desperation of guys to increase their self-confidence.

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Just be the cool, confident guy that you are and have a fun, interesting conversation with the women.

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