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to become like men in a male world is not to bring sexual attention towards yourself…because if you are looking feminine, sexy or beautiful you are asking for that attention..the attention of being called a whore, easy, slut ..We see in our male based society the fear of the Feminine energy as being weak.by being weak it must be destroyed to prevent the destruction of a male powered society.

but most of it is unconscious even to those who profess no religion or belief system..because it is seeped into media and the Government Systems..The difference with men and women is due to how society portrays both the sexes sexuality.Men are free to express their sexuality and by watching porn and other media they are taught and encouraged to put women into one of two categories ( Good Girl or Bad Girl ) women are also slut shamed into seeing themselves as being possibly branded by society into ( Bad Girl or Slut..The problem with dating or being in a relationship with a man that has a much smaller than average penis is that he will more than likely be very insure and suffer from having a complex.Complexes make people act out, or project their insecurities onto their lovers.

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I am reeling emotionally from the events or mass slaughter in the gay night club ” The Pulse” in Orlando Florida.

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