Who is dating who on vanderpump rules

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Who is dating who on vanderpump rules

Lala wanders through SUR in Katie-baiting short shorts and waylays Lisa, asking if they can talk privately.

Lala goes hiking with two other Lisa Vanderpump hires who have not appeared on the show before, but whom she describes as like her “sisters.” Lala complains to them about the other girls prying into her personal life and inquiring about her married boyfriend, then remarks that her boyfriend spoils her because of her oral skills.

Lala learns about James’s firing from one of the girls, Ellie, and of course Lala’s first thought is herself and who she will talk to at work now without him.

“Who’s going to sneak me drinks now that I’m working? “Work is about to get really bad.” Ellie casually remarks that she and James have been sexually involved long after he and his girlfriend began dating, and, as if it is a normal thing to do, produces a time-stamped photo of herself in bed with James.

“I’m not dating a married human being,” Lala asserts, begging the question of what sort of married species is buying her that Range Rover after all.

Lisa offers her standard contradictory advice, saying in the same breath that it is no one’s business who Lala is dating but that Lala needs to be honest with the others about who she is dating.

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