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Visio screenupdating

The VBA code to select all embedded objects: If you are not good at macro, or you want to find an easy way for selecting all embedded Visio object in Word, Kutool for Word is your best solution.After you have installed Kutool for Word, you can select all embedded Visio objects with one click.Screen Updating = False ''//Turn off screen updating boo Status Bar State = Application.Display Status Bar ''//Get the statusbar display setting Application.What will you do to select all embedded Visio objects in Word?This tutorial will introduce you two methods to select all embedded Visio objects.As for the code sample, it's not quite clear what you mean by "iterating in sequential order". Although, you can rather easily enumerate all shapes and all connections separately: Take a look at these threads: C# code to read visio shape's connectivity with other shapes in a flow chart Traverse through every possible path in a Visio Flow-Chart with C# Note that to simply write values from shapes to a text file, you can use "Shape Reports" button on "Review" tab. v=Lm1Zrk Pp I1U Thank you, the three lines I needed were the ones that open the document, I realized once you posted that why my code wasn't working it was passing the program a page that was causing me such a headache.

Status Bar = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & " done..." ''// or, alternatively: ''// status Range.value = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & " done..." ''// Some code....... Display Status Bar = boo Status Bar State ''//Reset Status bar display setting Application.

It's just an idea for you to try, and its effectiveness is pretty dependent on your sheet and calculations.

The original source of some of these items is from messages posted on the Visio internet forums or the Visio Compu Serve forums.

少し前にVisioからシェイプ画像を張り付けたエクセルファイルを作成しました。 しかし毎回修正を加える度に画像が増えて行き、結果として起動が物凄く重くなりました(開くのに大体30~60秒かかる) 原因はVisioからオブジェクトを直接貼り付けた事によるシェイプの過多が原因のようでした。 最初はひとつひとつ手作業でシェイプの形式をVisio形式(? )からPNGへ変更を行っていましたが あまりにも数が多いので途中で挫折しました。 なのでVBA機能を使ってExcelに貼りつけたシェイプ画像を別の画像形式に変更する事にしました。 OS:Windows7 Professional 32bit エクセル:Microsoft Office 2007 Excel Private Sub Change Img Type() Dim tobj As Shape ' Target Object Dim curcell As Range ' Current Cell Debug.

Screen Updating = False 'ワークシートの全オブジェクト数をループ For Each tobj In Active Sheet.

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Select all embedded Visio objects with VBASelect all embedded Visio objects with Kutool for Word Instead of selecting the embedded Visio objects one by one, it is easier to select all of them with VBA in Word.