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Anthony Rivera recently sold a car to the suspect, who was unhappy with the automobile and wanted a refund, a source with knowledge of the police investigation told the Advance.

Bieber was in Boston for a series of shows as part of his "Purpose" tour.

Morales lit out for Pennsylvania after the attacks, sparking a multi-state manhunt.

Investigators tracked him to West Brunswick Township in Schuylkill County, about 125 miles west of Staten Island.

Gavin Orlowski, 14, and his mother, Erin Brown, were driving through Grand Rapids, Michigan on I-196 when they saw the unthinkable. This wasn’t just some cat that had made a bad decision either.

And yet, at the same time, it’s a story that reminds us people can be surprisingly wonderful.

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Morales lives in a different apartment in the same Mariners Harbor Houses building as the mother and son did, according to police.