Validating sql stored procedures functions views

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Validating sql stored procedures functions views

This enables these stored procedures and UDFs to utilize functionality in the . In this tutorial we will examine how to create managed stored procedures and User-Defined Functions and how to integrate them into our Northwind database. Managed database objects offer some advantages over their SQL counterparts.

Language richness and familiarity and the ability to reuse existing code and logic are the main advantages.

But managed database objects are likely to be less efficient when working with sets of data that do not involve much procedural logic.

For a more thorough discussion on the advantages of using managed code versus T-SQL, check out the Advantages of Using Managed Code to Create Database Objects.

The download for this tutorial has the two database files - folder to a folder outside of the website.

Once the database files have been moved to another folder we need to register the Northwind database with the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition database instance.

Figure 5: Associate the SQL Server Project with the Northwind Database In order to debug the managed stored procedures and UDFs we will create within this project, we need to enable SQL/CLR debugging support for the connection.

Whenever associating a SQL Server Project with a new database (as we did in Figure 5), Visual Studio asks us if we want to enable SQL/CLR debugging on the connection (see Figure 6). Figure 6: Enable SQL/CLR Debugging At this point the new SQL Server Project has been added to the Solution.

A SQL Server Project is tied to a particular database.Click the Add button, drill down to the appropriate When connecting to the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition instance through Management Studio the Attach Databases dialog box does not allow you to drill down into user profile directories, such as My Documents.Therefore, make sure to place the Click the OK button to attach the database.Step 13 provides detailed instructions for performing these steps manually.I encourage you to read Steps 2 through 12 before reading Step 13 since these steps include important SQL Server configuration instructions that must be applied regardless of what version of Visual Studio you are using. From the File menu, choose New Project to display the New Project dialog box (see Figure 4).

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Most database systems include constructs for grouping a series of SQL statements that can then be executed as a single, reusable unit. SQL Server 2005, however, was designed to provide integration with the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which is the runtime used by all . Consequently, the stored procedures and UDFs in a SQL Server 2005 database can be created using managed code.

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