Updating your house direct dating of fossils

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Updating your house

Scent is extremely important to us Brits, with 50% saying they make a mental note of whether someone’s home smells nice – or not.

The ushering in of spring on Tuesday may have gone unnoticed due to the lack of a proper winter in many regions of the US, but it is here, nonetheless!

• Say it with flowers – place vintage tea cups or glass votives with fresh sprigs of mint, or fill various sized vases with individual stems.

• Buy new cushions in various sizes, patterns and complementary colours and scatter them on sofas and beds to make your space look and feel cosier.For others it may mean cleaning, organizing and renovating.These 10 tips run the gamut from simple and free housekeeping tasks to bigger and costlier home improvement projects, all with the goal of modernizing your place.And with the change in seasons comes longer days, outdoor dining, blooming flowers, and an opportunity to renew and refresh your space.Take a break from preparing taxes and consider these 10 tips for reviving your abode; and please share your tips!

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(Try hiding them in piles under the bed and see if you even remember they are there!