Updating thumbnails in iphoto

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Updating thumbnails in iphoto

What version of i Photo and system are you running?

Apply the two fixes below in order as needed: Fix #1 1 - launch i Photo with the Command Option keys held down and rebuild the library.

If this still does not work, you can try manually delete the projects database in the i Photo library along with some relevant files, and then retry the import.

To do this, go to the library file on disk, right-click it and select "Show Package Contents." Then locate and remove the following items: Interrupted Update Theme Cache Project DBVersion.plist Projects.db-journal Among other problems are people finding that some or all of their photos have disappeared after the upgrade.

It is likely the upgrade has not deleted the photos themselves, but instead the library no longer properly points to the photo files.

The problem however, no matter how drastic, turns out quite easy to fix. For all of you, who already did, and lost your photos, you need to restore a backed up version of the i Photo Library from your Time Machine, or by any other means before proceeding, since you i Photo Library is already damaged and missing most of it’s content!This is also re-enforces that losing data might happen even with mighty Apple products, and to be fair, this problem can’t be totally blamed on Apple. So without much further a do, here is the Before you start, make sure that your user account has administrative privileges: Go to System Preferences, click Accounts and verify that your’s says “Admin” not Standard or anything else.If not, then click/ tick the box that says: “Allow user to administer this computer”, and then reboot. 3) Drag and Drop your i Photo Library (usually located in your pictures folder) into the open Bat Chmod window.Though it has worked fine for many, there are a number of people who have had a few problems.One of these problems is the program having difficulty when converting the i Photo '09 library for use with the new version, where the program will hang on a gray screen with a spinning progress indicator.

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