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Updating table rows in php 4

: Below is the code to fetch multiple records as an associative array.The returned array holds the strings fetched from database, where the column names will be the key used to access the internal data.As the manual says, the function is still in development so this behaviour may differ from version to version.Using pg_update() and pg_insert() without key validation is not secure!and remove comment (semi-colon) from the start of the line extension=php_

1- Create My SQL Table: The SQL table “php_questions” has 4 columns id(This is a unique identifier), question, answer, display_order(display order of items).As you can see below, data is displayed in an HTML table.: Function returns an array of both mysqli_fetch_row and mysqli_fetch assoc merged together, it is an extended version of the mysqli_fetch_row() function and both numeric and string can be used as keys to access the data.Another important feature of My Sqli is the Prepared Statements, it allows us to write query just once and then it can be executed repeatedly with different parameters.Prepared Statements significantly improves performance on larger table and more complex queries.

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