Updating my loan

Posted by / 14-Dec-2016 22:51

In order for lenders contributions to count towards your goal, they must create a Kiva account and lend through the website.

Unfortunately we’re unable to process offline contributions.

If the lender doesn’t complete the checkout process, their basket will be emptied and your percent raised will decrease to reflect that.When loans become delinquent, Kiva follows up with the borrower and Trustee to create an open channel of communication with the goal of understanding the cause of late repayment.We work to create new repayment schedules they can follow towards eventual repayment of their loan, and also encourage them to update their lenders.After reviewing the completed application, the Kiva U. team will determine if you qualify for the full loan request.If you have any questions during the application process, please email [email protected]

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We are continuously striving to develop, analyze, and improve these processes.