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Updating assemblyinfo

I use magic numbers, and I do some things specifically to keep the glory on 1 line.

Feel free to bask in the presence of psychedelic code (which just wants to be your friend).

Excel Locale1033Attribute and references to the Microsoft.

Other than the new names, these controls behave the same way that they do in projects that target the . For more information, see Adding Controls to Office Documents at Run Time. NET Framework 3.5, you can use the Item(Object) property of the Microsoft.

To determine whether a document or worksheet contains a specified control, use the Contains(System.

This eliminates much of the unnecessary lambda pieces.

The original solution is arguably not a good use of Still only one semi-colon, but at least it's possible to look at it and recognize each piece for what it does.

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Excel Locale1033Proxy class from Excel projects that are retargeted to the . Visual Studio doesn’t remove this attribute or the class reference for you.

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