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In the middle of that emotional battlefield of the sexes called modern dating grows a perfect rose.

Ask God to lead you to it, and when the time is right, with His blessing, to carry it home and make it your own.

It may be a first time hook up or even a longer term relationship, what follows below are 7 things you...

Choose a restaurant where you both are involved with the food.

Their answers proved most insightful and instructive.

Ladies first: What girls want in guys Did you know that, all the girls' sports programs notwithstanding, American girls statistically stop exercising at age 13?

However, somewhere along this long and winding path, you’ve taken the wrong turning and ended up right where you don’t want to be. There’s no two ways about it guys, women (yes, in general) will have their own way of hiding the whole truth from you. It could be she’ll tell half-truths or little white lies in order to maintain peace.For example, with certain Italian, Japanese or Korean dishes you can choose to have the food cooked directly in front of...Sometimes its just the tiniest thing that will make a lasting impression on a woman.A nice comment or a few small gestures will impress any woman, but an offensive remark or being careless will ruin your chances of success.The following list of behaviors and habits may make all the difference between you getting ‘that’ girl’s number and receiving nasty looks. Ignore the mobile If you spend most of your waking...

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Perhaps it's not surprising, though, because communications experts say that the average man speaks about 15,000 words a day, but the average woman intones closer to 30,000. More of what girls want Spiritual wishy-washiness is a danger sign to girls with eyes to see. It may prove most useful in making your true dating experiences in family, group and couple settings come alive with value. Don't give your heart—or body—to the wrong kind of person or at the wrong time.

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