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Than masag karagaththa

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In addition, deep tissue massage is cited as being beneficial for reducing blood pressure, stress relief, and rehabilitating muscles which have suffered injuries.

They recover a lot quicker.” “We [have cream] that has lavender in it if they’re looking for something more relaxing, or a stimulating cream that has a grapefruit and ginger so it’s a little rejuvenating.

There’s definitely lots of different ways to help people depending on what they’re looking for.

My favorite is the one blended with peppermint and arnica. The peppermint is cooling, while the arnica helps with the pain and the cannabis creates this really nice experience on the muscles.” From personal experience, Rodgers enjoys receiving cannabis-assisted massages as much as she administers them.

“When I’m receiving a massage I can tell the difference between not getting the [cannabis] lotion and getting the [cannabis] lotion.

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She remembers when owner Ed Rich first proposed the idea of offering cannabis-assisted massages.

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