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Texas nights dating

Coach Taylor forces him to apologize, but Smash erupts after seeing his televised apology to members of the local media.

The school board decides to suspend Williams for three games (the rest of the regular season), with the Dillon High on the brink of the playoffs.

Before the Panthers' first game without him, Smash gives a stirring pre-game speech in the locker room to Coach Taylor's approval. In the season 2 finale "May The Best Man Win," it is revealed that TMU has revoked its scholarship offer to Smash, as have most Division I schools such as Texas A&M and University of Alabama.

With only a few colleges still willing to accept him, Eric Taylor directs him to Whitmore, a HBCU whose coach, Deeks, has followed Smash's career since his 7th grade year.

In his senior year, Smash is made the centerpiece of the Panthers offense under the new coach after Eric Taylor's departure to TMU.

Despite the team's struggles, Smash shows little concern outside of his personal performance, which enrages the rest of the Panthers.

Unfortunately, his desire to go into professional football as a way out of poverty leads to his using performance-enhancing drugs and he found himself in a moral dilemma before his guilty conscience and Corinna's discovery of the drugs forces him to confess to it.

He thrives in the limelight and lives for the attention, constantly referring to himself in third person ("The Smash"), which both amuses and irritates his peers.

He naturally assumes the role after team captain Jason Street is carried off the field after being hit.

With the opportunity to transfer to a D-1 school in two years, Williams gives Deeks his verbal commitment.

In the premiere "I Knew You When," it is revealed that the Panthers made it to the playoffs, only to lose because of a knee injury to Smash.

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In the hallways, he is often seen chatting with cheerleaders and is usually surrounded by friends and fellow Panthers players.

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