Tell me something interesting about yourself dating

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Sometimes I picture myself strangling my neighbor if she wasn't so cute. it's hard to be open minded around my chick friends that like to talk about gay and pedo anime. I have an addiction to video game, the irony is work hours control it but profit fuels it.

I believe in reincarnation as god evicting you from heaven 9.

It has been said quite often that I eat quite a lot for someone as scrawny as I am.

You have no idea how out of touch I am seriously, all those bands themaster mentioned no idea, 1969 is my cut-off date for clothes, music and the like.

I used to have a pet rat called William but he ran away.

I used to go to churchevery sunday before my grandad died.

Poor you, atleast no friend in real life knows that about me, not that i have any friends in real life ........ Now where the hell is my medal for bravery or whatever? 7: My First Time playing Fallout 3 I couldn't find Megaton. If you have any questions about my various disorders, PM me. 2) I have 10 goldfishes 3) I start to jump around when I'm bored 4) I get bored very easily 5) My favorite colour is Midnight Blue 6) I despise High-School snobs. 7) I row 8) I hate MTV 9) I listen to Classical Music 10) My brother just step on a piece of crap 3 hours ago... I used to be a Narutard, until I realized how much it actually sucked. My friend has had kidney failures, and a heart attack. My family doesn't love me, but they also don't hate me to the point of smacking me around and dropping me in front of a building. Not necassarily; that would be more of a hatred thing.

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10: I do not have XBox Live 9: My Favorite Anime Character is Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach 8: I have a Youtube Account that doesn't have any videos on it at the moment.