Symantec endpoint protection client not updating from the server dating den bosch

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Symantec endpoint protection client not updating from the server

When the client and site is configured for Internet-based client management and you configure this option as True or Yes and both of the following conditions apply, users receive user policy when their computer is on the Internet: If you leave this option as False or No, or if either of the conditions fails, a computer on the Internet will receive computer policies only.In this scenario, users can still see, request, and install applications from an Internet-based Application Catalog.This issue was corrected by Symantec in a bugfix in SEP 12.1.6 MP4. If you cannot update to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 MP4 An alternate option for administrators is to use the Syslog Redirect Protocol and send Symantec Endpoint Protection Syslog events to port 517 on the QRadar system.For more information, see The Syslog Redirect Protocol allows the Syslog header from the event payload to be substituted with another header to ensure that an IP or hostname can be used to parse the event properly.For more information about how to discover users, see the Configure Active Directory Discovery for Computers, Users, or Groups section in the Configuring Discovery in Configuration Manager topic.Because the Application Catalog receives the list of available software for users from the site server, this setting does not have to be configured as True or Yes for users to see and request applications from the Application Catalog.

I tried running the update and it says my Symantec version is up to date.

To use the Net BIOS name, the following conditions must apply: Typically, users are prompted for credentials when the URL contains an FQDN but not when the URL is a Net BIOS name.

Expect users to be always prompted when they connect from the Internet, because this connection must use the Internet FQDN.

Click Schedule to create the default schedule that will be displayed to users when they deploy a configuration baseline.

This value can be configured for each baseline in the Deploy Configuration Baseline dialog box.

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Configuration Manager uses this setting to connect users to the Application Catalog from Software Center.