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It offers a collection of videos that cover how master pickup artists go in-field while approaching women, starting conversations, sparking attraction, and getting dates.

Bonus items include: - Hours of hidden camera pickup videos - Play-by-play voice commentary - Woman's Feedback, evaluation - Video and Audio Interviews - The fastest way to build a strong connection with women - How to use "playful banter" to make her feel attraction for you - How to approach women and start conversations in the daytime - Conversation starters that work for meeting women in the day time - Questions you can ask to build rapport and get women to open up to you - How to persuade women on the street to break their plans and go on an "instant date" with you - How to stop a woman walking on the street and start a natural and interesting conversation with her - How to approach groups of women, have them enjoying your company, then isolate the woman you want I had high hopes when buying this product.

I did 50 approaches with his product, got no results, a couple flakey phone numbers.

Alex generally seems to have the majority of his videos with tourists in Australia.

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He takes lines from Neil Strauss books like inviting the girl to a made up party. Is she going because you want to date her or just because she wants to go to a fancy party and hustle you for drinks.

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