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We constructed interview schedules with the assistance of our chief arm in the Japanese government, the Prime Minister's National Public Opinion Research Institute.The results of the survey indicated that while the women were mostly critical of prostitution, and resented their men using the facilities, men were much less concerned, and in any event, there was no strong feeling in either gender that prostitution was a grave moral issue.The girls with us that nite were in full regalia, but in the last analysis they reminded me powerfully of couple of young girls going thru a Catholic confirmation.Essentially the stage is a kind of confirmation period.

At night we went to a tea house in the depths of the ancient Gion--the geisha and gay quarter of the city.

The next night we spent likewise in the Gion, but this time in the most honored geisha house in all Japan--the Ichiriki (literally "first force"), an incredible place, in existence 400 years, and loaded with historical legend.

One of the 47 --the famous renegade warriors who got involved in one of the conflicts between the various forms of obligations Ruth Benedict writes about--hid out there for two years.

Japan was famous for its tolerant attitude toward female employment related to sex, and some Occupation authorities spent considerable time and effort discouraging GIs from engaging the various services.

Toward the end of the Occupation pressure began to build for a policy encouraging the Japanese to outlaw all prostitution, and our PO&SR Division was ordered to conduct a stratified national sample survey of the attitudes of the population toward prostitution.


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