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We ran into one housekeeper during our Liberty experience; she was making her rounds and, it seemed, dilligently changing the sheets between guests. *Ashtrays and remote controls (attached to the nightstand by both a cord and dirty Velcro) on both sides of the bed *Clear views of the High Line *Flat-screen plasma television with nine (! But if you’ve ever used a public restroom, your naked body has touched worse.) free adult-entertainment channels *Dimmers on the light switches, labeled “romantic lighting” *Padded headboards; ours was stain-free *The ugly bedspread wasn’t Cleanliness Except for the bedspread, everything was fairly clean. I could barely make her out as saying "Just open it, just OPEN it! This all transpired while I was waiting for a glacially slow elevator with my fellow reporter, Rachel, eager to get out of the hotel as quickly as possible.I had an expensive camera with a large lens hanging from my neck that made me look like an undercover police officer.Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!Behold the Liberty Inn, a strange little hotel on the edge of Manhattan's Meatpacking District that charges by the hour and unabashedly markets itself as “your rendezvous for romance.” That’s right: Just a stone's throw from some of NYC's trendiest restaurants and priciest designer boutiques (not to mention a few fancypants hotels), you can rent a room for the express purpose of illicit sex. The big tipoff is the vending machine in the corner, which stocks K-Y Jelly, Tic-Tacs, and eight varieties of condoms.When he began angrily pounding on the door of a room, yelling "Open up!

It's even possible the pimp was one, or the John on the other side of the door. Our elevator arrived just as the guest was opening his door.

I soon realized my error: He wasn't a police officer, but a full-blown pimp about to shake down a John.

I could hear the voices of a nervous man and an excited woman from the other side of the door.

The Liberty Inn doesn’t take reservations -- walk-ins only; first come, first served -- so would-be guests loiter in the lobby until a room is available upstairs.

Location The Liberty Inn’s perch on a wedge-shaped Meatpacking District traffic island formed by 10th Avenue, 14th Street, and the West Side Highway is ideal: inconspicuously discreet and out-of-the-way -- so the chances of an embarrassing run-in are slim -- yet just a few steps from the epicenter of this hottest of Manhattan neighborhoods, with its tony restaurants, packed nightclubs, and chic boutiques.

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And, if cornered by an angry spouse, guests can easily escape on foot to the north and south via picturesque Hudson River Park.