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The new guidelines focus on disclosure of information about crucial social development programmes implemented at each State Level.These guidelines would apply from the village panchayat up to the Secretariat at each level.The second is regarding transparency with the status of mercy petitions pending before the President of India. Pranab Mukherjee assumed the office of the President of India, he initiated the good practice of disclosing the status of clemency petitions pending before his Secretariat, on its website.Strangely this initiative was withdrawn and two decisions to reject clemency petitions followed in complete secrecy.In January 2014, CHRI resourced and moderated a panel discussion on the Bill organized by QED, an independent think tank based in Thimpu, days before the National Assembly stamped its approval on the Bill. After years of persistent campaigning by our partners - Transparency Maldives (TM) and their partners have been successful in getting the access to information Bill approved by the Parliament in Maldives on 29th December 2013. This will be a important step for establishing a regime of transparency in the Maldives.CHRI has been closely associated with the RTI campaign in the Maldives.[Read more...] Sahibzada Muhammad Khalid, BPS-22 retired officer, was appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner by the government on Friday for three years under Section 24 of the Law with immediate effect.

Similarly, according to another official handout, the Provincial Government constituted a committee to identify and select two members of the Information Commission in line with Section 24 of the Act.

It provides for a legal framework for people to exercise their right of access to information held by government agencies as enshrined in the Constitution.

Edward Doe Adjaho, Speaker of Parliament referred it to the Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for evaluation before the House is furnished with a report on it. Since 2002, there has been a struggle for a Right to Information law, but it has not yet seen the light of the day.

The Do PT has sent the guidelines to the Chief Secretaries of all the states seeking their active involvement.

CHRI, other Civil Society Organizations and senior government representatives were part of this Task Force making these guidelines. CHRI invites all its readers to circulate these guidelines among their networks." In Ghana, the Right to Information Bill was laid before Parliament on 12th November 2013.

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"The Department of Personnel and Training (Do PT), has uploaded the second set of guidelines for implementing the proactive disclosure obligations under Section 4(1) (b) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.