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WIDER ISSUEIt is also important to look at the issue of trafficking within the broader context of societal and economic pressures, as well as women's continued lack of representation at the highest levels of government, said Lace.

While gender-based discrimination is outlawed in Latvia, there is evidence to suggest that women face ongoing inequity in the workplace when it comes to salary and conditions.

The development of a national action plan and the more pro active approach shown by newly installed Interior Minister Linda Murniece were promising signs, said Lace, although serious gaps in victim services remain."The important thing is not to have everything on paper and that if the government has a certain amount of money that they don't administrate it, but delegate to organizations such as Marta for example.

With a small amount of money we can do a lot and the government just wastes this.

Speaking ahead of the organization's ninth anniversary on May 5 Lace said recent economic hardships had resulted in an explosion in the numbers of so-called fictive marriages, with statistics showing that Latvian women in comparison with their counterparts in other European Union states were among the most vulnerable to the immigration scam.

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To date there is no institution or state program in place aimed at targeted work on the elimination of human trafficking."The problem in our country is that most of the things 's best practice, legislation and policies 's These sorts of things that could actually help improve the situation are on paper and not implemented in practice.

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