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(f) Immediately upon the failure of a sexual offender to register or otherwise substantially comply with the requirements established by this part, the running of the offender’s ten-year reporting period shall be tolled, notwithstanding the absence or presence of any warrant or indictment alleging a violation of this part.

(g) An offender whose request for termination of registration requirements is denied by a TBI official may petition the chancery court of Davidson County or the chancery court of the county where the offender resides, if the county is in Tennessee, for review of the decision.

Unfortunately, there is no triggering mechanism to speed up the process in this statute, although the candidate may wish to pursue additional litigation for a lack of due process.

Even after the time period has elapsed with substantial compliance, no sexual offender is automatically removed from the Sex Offender Registry.

(3) (A) If a person convicted of an offense was not required to register as an offender prior to July 1, 2010, for an offense now classified as a sexual offense, the person may file a request for termination of registration requirements with TBI headquarters in Nashville, no sooner than five (5) years from July 1, 2010, or the date the person first registered with the SOR, whichever date is later.

(B) The procedure, criteria for removal and other requirements of this section shall otherwise apply to an offender subject to removal after five (5) years as specified in subdivision (i)(3)(A).

Click here to determine the status of the defendant based on the underlying offense. (2) Notwithstanding subdivision (a)(1), if a court of competent jurisdiction orders that an offender’s records be expunged pursuant to § 40-32-101, and the offense being expunged is an offense eligible for expunction under § 40-32-101, the TBI shall immediately remove the offender from the SOR and the offender’s records shall be removed as provided in § 40-39-209.

(b) Upon receipt of the request for termination, the TBI shall review documentation provided by the offender and contained in the offender’s file and the SOR, to determine whether the offender has complied with this part.

Additionally, if the Offender has not substantially complied with the reporting requirements during those years, the reporting period may be tolled and last longer.I am often asked, “How can I be removed from the Sex Offender Registry?” After ten years have passed since a Sexual Offender has complied with all probation, parole, alternative sentencing requirements, or incarceration, the Offender may request for termination of registration requirements.(j) (1) Violent juvenile sexual offenders who are currently registered as such and who receive a subsequent adjudication in juvenile court or a court having juvenile court jurisdiction for one of the offenses listed in § 40-39-202(28) or a crime that if committed in this state would require registration shall be required to register for life.Information concerning the violent juvenile sexual offender who commits a subsequent offense listed in § 40-39-202(28), which was formerly considered confidential under § 40-39-206(e), shall be deemed public information once the offender reaches the offender’s eighteenth birthday.

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(2) Violent juvenile sexual offenders who are currently registered as such and who, upon reaching the age of eighteen (18), are convicted of a sexual offense as set out in § 40-39-202(20) or a violent sexual offense as set out in § 40-39-202(30) shall be required to register for life.

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