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At the New Brunswick criminal defense office of Jack Venturi Law, our computer sex crimes attorneys have years of experience in putting prosecutors on the defensive.We challenge the actions of officers and the version of events put forth by investigators and prosecutors.

As a former prosecutor, I have unique insights into how the prosecution handles these cases.We protect your rights and have the investigative resources needed to ensure that all the facts are taken into consideration and not just the ones offered by the prosecution.Internet sex crimes charges can have devastating effects on your life.I could go on it now and probably within 20 minutes have videos, pictures, everything else in between off the app because I know theyre both still active. The pedophile said any predator could simply download the Kik messenger app for a mobile phone, make up a bogus username, and through Kik download another app called Hit Me Up.With the combination of both of those apps, you go on and say I like little boys between this age and this age, and people would start sending you pictures, the Gloucester County man said. The man who claimed to receive three years probation from his pedophilia charges said he was curious if the apps were still active after reading about the Operation Predator Alert II sting by the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office, and checked it out for himself.

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He also disclosed how he obtained the pics and videos that got him in trouble.

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