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They also permit the NYPD to automatically fine and padlock a store should another allegation arise — all without giving merchants the opportunity to defend themselves in court.

And it’s happening almost exclusively in minority neighborhoods. But seven months later — the week before Christmas — cops arrived at the laundromat again.“It cannot be denied that this subject premises is a serious public nuisance,” the NYPD wrote in boilerplate language.“As such it should not be allowed to remain open even one more day.” Sung Cho was hit with a nuisance abatement case after an undercover sold stolen goods at his laundromat twice, both times to non-employees. (Michael Schwartz for the New York Daily News) Cho was facing a nuisance abatement action, civil lawsuits intended to uproot persistent illegal activities by targeting the locations they stem from.“It’s a complete double standard.” The NYPD has embraced nuisance abatement actions as part of its controversial “broken windows” strategy of aggressively pursuing quality-of-life offenses in order to combat more serious crime.The NYPD did not respond to questions for this story.

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Once served with nuisance abatement actions, business owners are faced with a choice.