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When most of us hear the words “online child predator,” we picture a creepy older guy in a dark basement. Here are the 22 people that were arrested: kind of person online.

And we can’t just tell youth to stay away from the Internet altogether.

Miriam Melina Diaz, 20, and her daughter, Evelin Diaz, 4, live in a shelter operated by the city government of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

“She looks a little like me and a little like her father. I have younger siblings, but with her, it is different. It is like playing house, but with my things.”Alcaraz and her 19-year-old boyfriend were both homeless and had known each other for just months when she got pregnant, she says.

They were not in school and had not received sex education.

This is despite a 2006 law that guaranteed all pupils at public and private institutions the right to receive sex education.

In 2009, the national Ministry of Education began distributing a curriculum that lays out the requirements for this education for primary and secondary levels.

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The workshops do not merely present content and disseminate teaching materials, Kurlat says.