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Senior dating nc metthews

Even though many of these properties will likely not be designated as landmarks, the inventory provides valuable baseline data for future decision making.The data may be used for consideration during rezonings, should a new historic district be proposed or as guidance for the creation of a preservation plan.Our Town Our Vision (December 12, 2005) The Matthews Land Use Plan was most recently updated and approved on December 10, 2012.This document sets land development policies for the entire town.The Plan includes general goals, objectives and recommendations for each land use category and for each corridor or transition area.It also suggests tools for achieving and enforcing land use patterns to reach the identified goals and objectives.Comprised of three distinct elements, the Downtown Master Plan policy and vision section was approved by Matthews Board of Commissioners on January 14, 2013.

The purpose of this Master Plan is to succinctly identify several main objectives, such as recommendations regarding building design, layout, and general aesthetics, identification of opportunities for both specific small and large scale redevelopments, recommendations for future roadways and parking facilities and the creation of a framework that guides development in an orderly fashion.

The policy and vision Plan serves as an update of the 1997 Downtown Master Plan.

Downtowns across the country are experiencing a renaissance as consumer preferences shift away from post WWII suburban sprawl.

This Plan lists desired improvements for safe bicycling and walking throughout the Town limits, including: These facilities will primarily be located within the public rights-of-way or on public land or public easements for use by the general public, and will be constructed by public funds or by developers as they improve adjacent land parcels.

These proposed improvements will expand the system of sidewalks and related facilities the Town has already built.

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The Downtown Streetscape Improvement Plan provides a street hierarchy system and ideal street cross sections for each street type category.

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