Sandra denton dating

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Sandra denton dating

Jo uprooted and moved to China a few years ago where she met and married the man of her dreams earlier this month.

She seemed to be a bit attracted to him, too, because she kept smiling back and answering questions that I’m pretty sure he knew the answer to.

I haven’t thought much about although yesterday as I was working the desk I was approached by a Chinese man and African woman.

I helped them find the book they were searching for and couldn’t help noticing the love taps that kept going back and forth, the shy smiles and the furtive glances.

I received a couple of emails about Sandi “Pepa” Denton and her new boyfriend Tom Lo on the television show “Let’s Talk about Pep“.

I’ve seen the show’s premiere episode and I liked it; I would describe it as a reality slanted black version of “Sex and the City”.

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At one time it was new for me and I haven’t seen myself reflected back in the couples around me.