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Sailor moon dating simulator walkthrough

v1.4: Corrected an error in the Accessories section. This game is a mostly standard Role-Playing Game (RPG). walking around, finding items and advancing the storyline; 2. Sometimes you will lose control of your character for a brief time, where one or more conversations will take place. v1.3: Minor tweaking; announced new location of patch file. ) Added the hacking info thanks to Ryan Risk ([email protected]). v1.7: Finally updated with a disclaimer on the Nabu fight. Added info on a Life Crepe in the forest in chapter 3; thanks to m.c. If you're used to RPG's, I suggest you skip to section IV, with maybe a brief look at Section III. When you are attacked, battle (Mode 2 of this section) will commence. Select "Rare Items" to see a list of story items, which cannot be used. Select "Sort items" to let the game organize them for you.

EP: Amount of Energy Points (used for magic) and maximum EP (since EP is always refilled, the current and max EP is always the same, and never more than 12.) LAP: Link Attack Power. (high Attack = high damage) Defense: How well she can defend against enemy attacks (high Defense = low damage taken) Speed: How fast the character is; the faster she is, the sooner in the turn she will act.

The presents that work best for naruto are ramen which gives 1 heart, the sleeping hat which gives 2 hearts, and the make-out paradise book which gives 3 hearts. Hacked Free Games has free Action, Adventure, Bike, Beat'em Up, Car, Driving, Racing, Physics, Puzzle, RPG, Shooting, Strategy, Newgrounds, Armor Games, Kongregate, Bubblebox, Arcade Prehacks, Not Doppler, Hacked Flash Games, Hacked Online Games and Hacked Arcade Games.

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Ramen fills two bars, to recover hp use the bandages which gives you 50 hp.

A flower fills the rest of your hp up and special items are the green jumpsuit, which switches yours and the opponets hp, the sleeping hat which pulls something at random from your bag if you take nothing out the hat will be stored back, and sake which when you use either you or your opponent run out of hp.11) If you unlock dating you have to make sure you have a present for that person, and money to go on a date before you go. With rock lee you give him bandages, the jumpsuit, and a flower.12) With gifts you get anywhere from 1-3 hearts, when you answer a question right 1 heart and flirting will get you 3 hearts13) Be careful do not try to kiss them before their hearts are maxed out, because if you do they won't let you kiss them later and the date is a failure.14) To be able to view the hentai scenes, you must give naruto the book, sasuke the demon wind shuriken, and rock lee the flower on a date. points to 4000 and then when you go to their house select "other."15) To see shikamaru's hentai scene wait until the 51st day and make sure to answer the question correctly.

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