Sabrina dating her dance partner

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"I was worried there for a little bit." Ballas traveled with the tour from the beginning (Seattle, Dec. "The first couple of shows were fun," says Bryan, who danced with Derek Hough while everyone waited for Ballas to recover. I remember looking at him and wanting to just hug him, like, you're back! And when we stepped out on that stage, both of us looked at each other and it was like, "We're about to shock everyone. And I'm the 'Cheetah Girl.'" So if you have a daughter, maybe you would know who I am."But when I got to dance with Mark again, it was like, wow. Sitting on the sidelines is not for someone like him." Bryan and Ballas took to each other immediately when they started rehearsals for Dancing. We love watching that first video because the power behind us [from the crowd] was awesome." Bryan is already trying to distract herself with preparations for the trip.But we don't know yet because if he's on the show again, they start training on the 16th of February.And the tour doesn't end until the 10th." It really doesn't get much more romantic than this: Go on a reality competition, fall in love with your partner, sign up for the national tour, and then dance with your new love in cities all over the country."I'm dying," says Bryan, watching her professional dance partner and real-life leading man, Mark Ballas, rehearse in Indianapolis with another pro."There have been so many ups and downs of me leaving.

Instead, she says, she stayed on the tour, without dancing, for another full week, "because Mark said, 'Just stay until Monday [Jan. '" Neither one of them wants to contemplate the coming 10-week separation.Then they stunned the judges and the audience with their polished and fiery first performance, the cha-cha. "It's just crazy to think of everything you have to pack," she says."I'm taking peanut butter and Top Ramen [noodles], because I haven't had a lot of Indian food.“He will always be somebody I really care about but he’s [now] married and is five years sober, he has a baby and he has really pulled himself together, which is awesome,” she said.“I’m really proud of him and I know he supports me and everything and I’ve moved on to an incredible relationship [myself].

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For me, it was a representation of how amazing and how grateful I feel to be at the place I am now, five years later, back on [DWTS]. This dance was something that I was so nervous to do and I didn’t know what really they were going to add into the [behind the scenes footage].

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