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The swirling I notice is Black and White and the former is almost invariably male.

For the longest time, I thought White men simply didn’t ask out Black women, for the most part—and that still seems to be a large part of it. Black women, for the most part, don’t want to get jiggy with the swirl. For some Black men—not all—the White woman is still a chest-thumping, high-water mark of achievement: “I got that.” Uncle Ruckus will tell you that White women are beautiful with their thin lips, long necks and the smell of an angel’s burp.

A 2011 Gallup poll found that 86% of Americans approve of interracial relationships.

The new anthology contains personal stories from celebrities and major public figures on love, relationships and marriage in the Black community. And generous too; he didn’t let anyone else pay for one round, plus he left a NICE tip. And more than one sister noted how cute he was, if we’re being honest. “I don’t get jiggy with the swirl,” my soror said, and with that, the subject was closed.Is he one of those guys who thinks Black women are too loud/angry/nappy-headed/independent/unambitious/not good enough?Is this chick some sort of “prize” to him, or did they fall in love without regard to color? “That’s an example of an interracial marriage that you know was based on love. Not after he got rich and famous–like that basketball player or that singer dude or that wide receiver! In the mid-2000s, there was a statistic that said 73% of Black/White interracial relationships involve Black men with White women.Say what you will about the ragged remnants of slavery; Massa’s insistence on protecting the precious Missus from even the glance of a studly fieldhand left as much of a legacy, I believe, as the N-word.Emmett Till was brutalized because he supposedly whistled at a White woman across the street. They’ll get in Missus’ quite-willing knickers, and they’ll dare you to say a word.

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