Rick ross and foxy brown dating

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“They both are in love.” Foxy Brown, who recently ended a string of legal battles and a stint in prison, has reportedly grown close to Rick Ross’ family as well.Born Inga Marchand, Foxy is working on her next album Black Roses.

Foxy claims the album with pieced to together poorly while she was in prison, and blamed Williams for the bad result.While he never confirmed or denied whether or not he was in fact dating Brown, he did confirm that he is already hitched, to moolah.The two paired up for the cover of this week's Hip Hop Weekly magazine with the cover story teased as an exclusive about their impending nuptials. Technorati Tags: rick ross,celebrity gossip,black celebrity gossip,hip hop,hip hop artists,rap music,african american celebrities Join Your Black for Black News! Freeway Ricky Ross, one of the most notorious LA drug. rick ross dating foxy brown Dcs back to cheer on said to had an extensive career some. Looks like life is good for the Brooklyn Dime Diva..

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Ricky Ross the Boss is setting the record straight by denying rumors of his proposal to Foxy Brown.

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