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Reunion dating

You may find it less expensive and less exasperating to book everything from a picnic in the park to resort rooms during less popular times.

Take advantage of "off season" packages—usually April-May, October-November, and December-February (except at tropical beach resorts and ski areas). Reunions are tough to plan less than three months before the event because desirable locations fill up.

If you plan to meet again, ask family members at the reunion to set the next date.

Your reunion date might coincide with an important family event or milestone, or you can choose an arbitrary date.

If you need a large venue such as a resort, events center or guest ranch, you'll need to book it nine to 18 months ahead. The key to choosing a reunion date is to stick to your final decision.

Changing the date will only create havoc for others.

Or, if you offer choices, make a commitment to abide by the consensus of the group. If you ask 50 people to suggest dates, you'll get 50 dates and still no consensus.

If, on the other hand, you suggest a choice of say, Thanksgiving or Fourth of July weekend, a majority can be determined right away.

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