Psychology online dating profiles

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Psychology online dating profiles

But is dating online that different from the traditional methods on a psychological level?

For those actively looking for a relationship (or at least no-strings fun), there is no shortage of websites available, from straight up dating sites like OKCupid, e Harmony and Match to niche communities like Tastebuds (music matching), JDate (for Jewish singles) and even the eyebrow raising Clown Passions (you can guess).

Hibberd concurs there could also be a perpetual "grass is greener" attitude inherent in date shopping culture: "You can hold in your head an ideal, and different profiles suggest that ideal might still be out there, which could have an impact.

But I do think it depends on the intentions of the person as well, and why they're online in the first place."I asked OKCupid co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan about this, and his view is that dating cycles tend to be shorter online, but for entirely different reasons: "We don't see any data that suggests people skew toward shorter relationships ex ante, but that people are more willing to leave unsatisfying relationships because there's less friction to finding a new person to date.

"It does make it easier to overcome rejection", one OKCupid user tells me, adding: "Interestingly, I've found it way harder sending the 'let's just be friends' text than receiving it."So does that mean the casual nature of internet dating can lead to less commitment and direction than you would get with a more focussed, blinkered offline approach where potential partners' availability is less obviously defined? But one thing is undeniable: the people you meet this way are unlikely to enter your life in any other context.

And Jones remains adamant that rather than being unpredictable and dangerous as stereotyped, internet dating can actually keep us safer, at least on a psychological level: "One of our fundamental psychological drivers is to find certainty.

But is there a danger in the "shopping list" nature of dating sites harbouring unrealistic expectations?Traditional dating is perceived as a danger to us because it involves so much uncertainty.Read the Full Text Many of us enter the dating pool looking for that special someone, but finding a romantic partner can be difficult. Dating sites provide access to more potential partners than do traditional dating methods, but the act of browsing and comparing large numbers of profiles can lead individuals to commoditize potential partners and can reduce their willingness to commit to any one person.Spend any amount of time on OKCupid packing dual X chromosomes and you're likely to be indecently propositioned or sent abusive messages with more regularity than you'd hope for in a civilised society.This is no secret, with plenty of websites documenting the phenomenon (all links often not work safe). Psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd believes that along with the usual internet level of trolling, much of the directness in online dating occurs because all interactions are in a "social vacuum".

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In summary, over four months with identical profile content the subjectively most attractive female avatar had maxed out "her" inbox with 528 messages, while the most handsome male account had received just 38.[pullquote source="Keep Inline]All but the most basic online dating sites include some kind of algorithm to try and partner customers up with someone they'll hit it off with, with varying degrees of scientific hype behind their advertising copy.

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