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Pleyboy chat

After the costumes were designed, Hefner had claimed they were not cut high enough on the leg, but Mussenden assured him the height was correct based on photos of Hefner with real-life bunnies.While on the Playboy Club set, Amber Heard's sister used her i Phone to take a photo of Heard in her Playboy Bunny costume and Heard posted it on her Facebook page.Each of the five female leads received two suits, each of which cost ,000 and took about 10 hours to make.Each suit included a built-in bra, French cuffs with Playboy cuff links, satin ears and 3-inch heels.Also in that episode, actress Karen Le Blanc portrayed Tina Turner, appearing with others portraying singer Ike Turner and the backing vocalists The Ikettes. The first week for Maureen, a newly hired Bunny, sees her getting caught up in the murder of mob boss Bruno Bianchi.

Meanwhile, Nick gets Mayor Daley's support to run for District Attorney with a little help from an unlikely source.

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Likewise, Chad Hodge said he did not believe there was anything wrong with a woman using her sexuality to get what she wants if she so chooses, adding: "There are different brands of feminism and I don't think it should be boxed into any one version." Hodge later stressed, however, that despite his comments about the empowerment of women, he did not believe The Playboy Club conveyed any strong political convictions or intellectual ambitions, but rather was meant to be entertaining.

The subplot involving the Mattachine Society focuses specifically on the growing gay rights movement in the United States in the 1960s and what it was like to be gay or a lesbian during a time period that was still repressive of that culture.

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Hodge said this was the result of a conscious decision to feature Hefner in the series but not give him a regular role, of which the real-life Hefner approved because, according to Hodge, "He didn't want to make it his story." Several songs popular during the 1960s were featured in The Playboy Club.

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