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Pick up artist online dating

It wasn’t until Style asked me to teach my Online Game 1.0 at a conference with hundreds of people attending that I decided I needed to backwards engineer this aspect of my game.

After the conference I had students coming up to me saying it was the best online game program they have ever seen.

However you got here, the important thing is you made it.

I am known for my direct and crazy style of game (you can read about it on my forum) but what many don’t know is that before I had even heard of the book The Game, before I was married and divorced, I was getting laid off the internet.

I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.

Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!

I also created a 2nd private section where there are transcripts of some of my interactions with girls online, and you can see REAL LIFE examples of how I game them and get them on the phone and to the bedroom.

Weeks or even MONTHS later a few DVDs show up, some CD’s, maybe you got a lame e-book.Hey brother, Bravo here, chances are if you are reading this page you have heard of me.Whether it was when I was working for Neil Strauss (aka Style) for the last few years as his HEAD COACH and you are one of the thousands of men I have worked with across the world, perhaps you just finished reading The Game and after scanning some lame PUA sites found your way here, or maybe you were at a PUA SUMMIT, or Steve P.’s seminar where I taught a section of my online game program.I was getting very little traffic with my Plenty of Fish account.After using Bravo’s program I had immediate results.

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I routinely have girls I am hooking up with thru out the week, who contacted me FIRST online, come over to my place and hook up, and I never even have to step foot out the door!