Panelview plus slow updating

Posted by / 01-Jul-2014 09:18

We re-terminated every ground and shield, but we had to upgrade the firmware to permanently stop the problem.The same comms firmware was used in the Panelview and the SLC, so both needed the upgrade.The runtime file for Panelview has been generated in Factory Talk View ME.We are an equipment builder, and see this with a recent customer.

If I try to repeatedly press any button on my screen (such as a list indicator increase/decrease push button), I cannot press the button very quickly the 2nd (3rd, 4th) time or the PV does not register the press.

I have noticed a delay in responses to pushbuttons, and screen updates.

This delay is itermittend and the delay can be 1 second or as much as 10 seconds.

Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1500 HMI freezes with a pop up "No error message is available".

The option for closing the pop-up is also disabled.

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Ramp buttons need a lot of comms time; they read, then increment, then write.

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