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One problem is that the whole partnership can be committed to a binding contract by any one partner.Another is that the whole partnership can be liable for the wrongful acts of any one partner.For other owners who just want to share some kind of equity interest with employees, stock options or restricted stock may be good choices, but other companies want something simpler still, or, if they are limited liability companies, do not have actual stock to share.So what kinds of strategies are available for these companies?A partnership is composed of two or more partners who carry on a venture for profit.Income is passed through to partners and taxed at personal income tax rates.Companies share ownership with employees for a variety of reasons.For some people, the reason may be simply "it's the right thing to do." For most others, however, there are purely practical reasons to share ownership.

However, if the company meets certain qualifications, it can receive important tax benefits.

There is no stock; instead, owners have a "membership interest." The members do not have liability for the company's obligations unless they have signed personal guarantees. Our Web site has a separate article on equity incentives in LLCs.

Most employee ownership companies are corporations. In a stock corporation, the corporation distributes the rights of ownership by issuing shares to "shareholders." Shareholders have limited rights and responsibilities, with the formal responsibilities of ownership conferred on a board of directors.

Each partner is liable for all the debts and obligations of the partnership.

A partnership can also have limited partners, who are not liable for debts and obligations but receive income like other partners.

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In a sole proprietorship, business property, liability, and income are treated as the personal property of a single person.

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