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Now I’m back in Dublin, where OK Cupid users are scarce but Tinder is everywhere, and I can’t reconcile myself to this very different mobile app.

Tinder is a landmark for online dating: it has made it socially acceptable and fun.

It reframes online dating as entertainment: the downside is what we lose of ourselves in the process.Without text, users carried on as normal, while conversations that began during the picture blackout stopped after the pictures were returned.OK Cupid turned out to be every bit as looks-obsessed as its “hook-up app” siblings. When I moved to London for work, some of my most enduring friendships were made on OK Cupid.Internet dating has evolved from asking a person of interest "A/S/L?" in an ISP's chat room to browsing dozens upon dozens of profiles at dedicated online dating services—Ok Cupid among them.

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Sonar, Glomper, Banjo and Highlight never took off, but Tinder has inherited their “always-on” approach to social networking.