Of dating in canada

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Of dating in canada

While some of us are resolving to exercise regularly or count calories, many are looking to start dating and find love in 2015 -- and putting their goals into action. 4 was the busiest time of the year for online dating sites such as and Plenty Of Fish.

The same was true in 2014: the first Sunday of the year appears to be when most hopefuls logged onto matchmaking sites.

So you’re finally getting used to your new life in Canada.

You’re feeling more secure than when you first arrived to the country.

Even if the bar scene isn’t your scene, there are still tons of options for you to meet a potential mate. Classes in cooking, photography and learning a new language, are great places to brush up on your skills and find someone with similar interests.

However, don’t enroll in classes just to find someone to date! Finding someone that you’re interested in should only be a bonus.

The newspaper also reports that by Valentine's Day, most people have given up on online dating. The number of people looking for love online is only increasing.

But regretfully, one thing seems to be missing from your life.

Although you finally found a good job, your love life is practically nonexistent.

Meaning, staying at home every weekend will not help you find a companion.

There are a lot of clubs, bars and lounges filled with people ready to get to know you. Continuing education classes or workshops are a couple places where you can make a love connection.

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On them you can create a profile and begin your search.