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Personal relationships aside, for many people with OCD, seeking out, obtaining and maintaining gainful employment is a significant challenge.

While symptoms of OCD themselves can get in the way of completing the required duties of a particular job, there is also the significant challenge of stigma, prejudice and discrimination that is associated with OCD and other forms of mental illness.

There are many ways in which OCD can get in the way of romantic relationships.

However, as the family member of someone with OCD, it can be difficult to know what is the right thing to do, what to say or how to cope -- especially when symptoms are severe or complex or accompanied by other illnesses such as depression and other anxiety disorders.It is horrible to have OCD, but the disorder is made especially worse when it causes problems in a relationship.The normal partner is often put in an awkward position, trying to understand and often accommodate behaviors which are bizarre.For example, you may experience obsessions related to contamination (like the cleanliness of your partner’s genital area) or disturbing sexual themes (e.g., sexual assault) that make it very difficult to engage in sexual relations with your partner.Not surprisingly, people with OCD are often sexually avoidant and sexually dissatisfied in their relationships.

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