Nz updating master tax guide

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Nz updating master tax guide

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You may also close your company if it has paid off as many debts as it can and there is nothing left to distribute, however, no creditor can be seeking to liquidate your company.

After you stop operating your business, you must keep your business records for seven years.

You must file a final tax return that includes your business accounts up to the date when your business ceased to operate.

Until you have filed your final tax return, you have not complied with your business tax obligations.

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, New Zealand’s most popular tax handbook, contains practical examples and concise summaries of legislation, cases and IRD rulings and statements affecting the 2016/17 and future tax years.

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The annual return is a chance for you to confirm the details of your company held by the Registrar. The annual return must be signed either by a director, solicitor or chartered accountant authorised for that purpose.

Failure to file an annual return with the Companies Office can lead the Registrar to believe the company has ceased trading and may lead to the company being removed from the register before you are ready.

Brokers provide a variety of services to their clients.

Primarily, they facilitate securities trading - that is, the buying and selling of shares.

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If you cease to operate your business, you must meet all of your filing requirements with Inland Revenue.