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There are some podcasts that I will want to keep even after listening to them all (TAL, for example). I'll try the playlist solution, but i wish this were a lot simpler.

For podcasts you don't want to autodelete, you can mark them as such by right clicking on the podcast and selecting "do not auto-delete" Nothing more simple than auto-updating, but that is my personal opinion. I just load up the Nano with the songs I want to listen to for the next while and away to go.

I listened to these albums roughly 7-8 times on the Nano (according to the song count within my Nano), however, the song count on my i Tunes Music Library remained at 2... I know with my shuffle, whenever i attach the shuffle to my computer, the song count is updated in my main Music Library... If you are set to autosync and things did not update there are two possibilities to why the playcount didn't update 1) The battery dying on the i Pod meant that it lost play count information.

Usually this is only the last couple of plays, not all plays...

2) You perhaps update the tags of the albums in i Tunes between sync. This can sometimes cause a little bit of non-synced data to be lost Ok, I am going to sound like a total idiot when I answer this, but I am not sure... When on manual mode, information from the i Pod does not transfer back to i Tunes.

If you sync songs to an i Pod and then update tags in i Tunes, play a bunch of stuff on the i Pod, and then resync, the i Tunes copy of the songs get recopied to the i Pod BEFORE the i Pod can tell i Tunes that it has updates to the play count. I know I have the "manually manage music" option selected on my i Pod main menu in the "Music" tab, I don't have the "sync" music selected, so I guess "no"? While on manual, if you select the i Pod in the device column, and open up it's contents and select the songs directly on the i Pod there, you may see the play count is higher than in i Tunes.

Information normally only transfers to i Pod if you are either set to automatically update all songs and playlists or selected playlists only.

You could then build other playlist based off of the major playlist and sync these as well.

Always sync your i Pod immediately after making tag changes in i Tunes. I want to be able to manually manage all my music on both my Shuffle and Nano. There are some applescripts for mac users to make up for the deficit, not sure if there are such scripts for windows.

I know with my Shuffle, i manually manage my music, yet it updates the Play Count as soon as I connect it to itunes (just did it in fact). I'm no shuffle expert, but it's method of syncing is a little different than pure manual mode. if you were to remove songs from i Tunes and try to sync your shuffle it would remove those songs from the shuffle.

now you're telling me i'll need to do something similar with the nano if i want to manually manage my music (which i do, because itunes has the terrible tendency to delete podcasts from the nano that i've only started listening to if i have it set to sync and the remove listened to podcasts option checked)? The shuffle, though it "appears" to be on manual, is really a "Semi-automatic" form of updating kind of like a "Sync selected playlists only" form of syncing.

Try to remove a song from i Tunes that you "manually" added to your shuffle and then connect the shuffle to i Tunes, I bet you will see that the song you removed from i Tunes will now be gone from the shuffle.

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To escape this use "sync selected playlists only" Pick a certain playlist and drag/drop to it and sync the i Pod to that. Is there a script for PC users that can account for this syncing/play count updating?? Using a single playlist to sync a nano is very similar to just dragging and droping to the nano.

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