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Ensure that the recently created My Site Web Application is selected, enter in a Title and click select the My Site Host Template located under the Enterprise Tab.Lastly, specify your site collection administrators and click OK.I will select “Classic” IIS Web Site: Create a new IIS web site (enter your details as per your requirements) Authentication Provider: Select your preferred provider based on your requirements.Public URL: Specify the URL that users will type to access their My Sites.

Navigate to Central Administration / Application Management / Web Applications Click New Authentication: Select either Claims or Classic depending on your requirements.I am assuming this is because the user's personal site field in their sharepoint user profile has not updated. Share Point My Sites are commonly referred to as “Facebook for the enterprise” and are personal site collections providing each user with the ability to store private and public information such as documents, pictures, status updates, etc easily and efficiently.Application Pool: Create a new application pool and give it a descriptive name As we have been utilizing the least privilege model whilst configuring our Share Point farm in this series, we will click on Register a new managed account and enter the details for our My Site Application Pool Identity.Note: This account will be required to be provisioned in Active Directory before you can proceed. In my example I have created an account called DOMAIN\sp_mysite.

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My Sites are no longer shared with everyone at Indiana University.

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