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Muslim lesbian dating

I know it is very difficult to be closeted and that you'd like your parents, friends and family understand that it's ok to be a lesbian, but if you're living in a religious family and in a country where being gay can cause you serious troubles, maybe it would be better for you not to come out, or only to people you know to be open-minded.

I really dislike advising not to come out, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being LGBT and that everybody should be able to live their love life freely, but in some places it's simply not safe to be out, and if it's your case then being safe comes first.

Such attitudes ignore the Quran's spirit of mercy and justice.

They say it is much harder for gay women than men in their communities, with patriarchy at the heart of the problem.“There was no discussion, there was no talking, it was just this is the guy, that’s it – you’re getting married.They just grabbed a hockey stick, and went nuts,” she told me.“For me it was difficult, because I think they weren’t used to a woman like me wearing a hijab…and asserting her sexuality,” she said.These women offer a rare and powerful insight into a group not often heard from.

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