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Melissa francis dating

Orders for the custom plush toys are placed via the company's website.

In July 2015, Budsies reached 10,000 orders and as of November 2015, that figure had increased to nearly 17,000.

Alex Furmansky is an American entrepreneur and businessman.

He is the founder of Budsies, a company which turns children's artwork and photographed into custom stuffed toys, and Sparkology, an online dating service that caters to successful young professionals.

Annette Landon Ivory is love of his life, he wanted to spend rest of his life with her however, after being in love with her for several years, she broke his heart and he took a break from dating.

Few years later, he met actress Tomasina Parrott and the he began dating her.

The proposal drew the interest of sharks Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John, who countered with offers of 0,000 for a 50 percent and 40 percent stake, respectively.He got his rise in fame after he starred the role of Peter Waters in the 2004 movie, Crash. Edit Larenz Tate was born in middle class family in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America to Peggy and Larry Tate.He was raised along with his two siblings Lahmard Tate and Larron Tate in West Side of Chicago till the age of 9. Edit Tate along with his two siblings Lahmard Tate and Larron Tate were interested in acing since they were child.For his various ventures, Furmansky has been described as a "serial entrepreneur." Furmansky appeared on the April 10, 2015 episode of the reality competition television series Shark Tank to pitch Budsies.While he turned down an offer from the "sharks," the publicity his company received greatly expanded his business.

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In early 2016, the company will start producing "Petsies." After making his initial pitch, Furmansky asked the "sharks" for a $100,000 investment for a 5 percent equity in Budsies.

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