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A rating of one of the top 3 smiley faces lets Just Answer/ Pearl know I did my job, this is the only way I am paid and credited for my time, at no additional cost to the you.A good feed back rating ( not, "Bad Service" or "Poor Service" ) it is very much appreciated, unless you do not feel a good feedback is warranted, then please let me know what else I can do for you, ( if anything ) to help get a good feedback by, clicking on the " Continue the Conversation Link".As other Noritake engineers and artists joined Asukai, Meito wares came to closely resemble those of its competitor.Meito was acquired by Sumitomo Steel Corporation during World War II, and Sumitomo changed the company name to Narumi Seito Narumi but continued to use the Meito backstamps.Plates rise in three tiers and carry decorations that tend to be more delicate than those found on the Windsor, Empire and Asama lines.

In the Empire plate, the second rise is more toward the middle of the dish, while with the Asama, it is much closer to the edge.Patterns usually are Western in appearance and include such names as Modern Windsor, Bangor, Belmont and Hanover.Western shapes figure in both the Empire and Asama lines.They typically indicate the line, as well as the particular pattern, and each line has a specific shape.The Windsor line represents the shape of the classic, round Western dinner plate.

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