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Police was accomplice and a silent spectator to the violence.News media was attacked at Guru mandir (Business Recorder Road) when MQM activists began firing at AAJ TV headquarters which was shown on live television.Our courses aim to produce exceptional medical practitioners, researchers and future leaders in the health care profession.This is achieved through exposure to first class teaching and research.A directive has been issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, apparently on orders of Interior Ministry, to suspend cellular services in 14 cities of Pakistan, with immediate effect till 6 pm 21st Sep 2012. Rahman Malik, head of Interior Ministry, had hinted the service suspension earlier in the evening by saying that Ministry is yet to decide anything on blocking of cellular Services amid security situation in the country on Friday.At least one cellular company has confirmed Pro Pakistani the order for blocking the service and said that directive will be implemented immediately.Update 2: Mobile phone service in Islamabad gets blocked too.

The Sindh government has declared the use of private cars as taxis without the mandatory legal permits as “illegal” and has contacted PTA as it seeks to block Careem’s mobile app.PTA order which was sent out to cellular companies through an email at am, (a copy of which is available with Pro Pakistani) directed mobile phone companies to block cellular service in following 14 cities: Mobile phone companies are asked to remain ready for blocking service in Islamabad too, orders for which are likely to be issued in the morning.Earlier, Mobile phone services were suspended in four cities on Eid, for same reasons.Students acquire the scientific knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes required for the care of patients and for research.Our graduates recognize their place in a dynamic and rapidly changing health care environment and have a life-long commitment to continued professional development.

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